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Stainless steel grit products:
In the specific cleaning field, the workpiece after surface treatment needs not only to be  no corrosion,no color change,but also need  formed with a certain roughness to achieve sufficient adhesion after coating. There is ferric contamination if blasting with non-metal abrasives,and the workpiece is not easy to corrosion and discoloration, but the crushing rate is high, the dust is heavy, the pollution is serious, and it does not meet the environmental protection requirements.

There is ferric contamination if blast with steel grit,which is curshed by high carbon steel shot,This causes corrosion and discoloration and affects the quality of the coating.

The stainless steel grit not only can solve the problem of corrosion and discoloration, but also has the angular shape,it can make anchor depth required,it improves the coating quality, meets the coating requirements, and has broad market prospects.

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