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Shot blasting is a process that uses high-speed rotating impeller to throw Abrasives out and impact workpiece at high speed to clean up the surface, or twist the lattice of workpiece surface by high-speed impact to increase the surface hardness and

Sand blasting

After the shot peening of the steel surface, there will be many fine peaks and troughs, that is, the surface roughness. The coating goes deep into the bottom of the trough, and the crest of the wave is like a tooth, holding the coating tightly.


In order to improve the fatigue life of metal parts under alternating loads and cyclic stress, shot peening strengthening process is needed.

Stone cutting

Using the kinetic energy of metal abrasive and water jet to cut granite and other stones, there is no chemical change in the cutting process. It has the advantages of no influence on the physical and chemical properties of cutting materials, no therm

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